Thursday, October 15, 2009

Throwing Rocks: Rock Art Brewery takes heat from The Big One.

Rock Art Brewery – never had a sip of it, never heard of it, and may have gone my entire life without ever once giving a flaming tinker's damn about them. Nameless, faceless, just another “one of those” micros out there, one I could get around to trying, but it's a bit of a drive, eh?

In short: who gives a shit?

Watch this and tell me:

Now go here:

I have this feeling one of the two (Hansen, the parent of Monster Energy Drinks, I think) has a bit more than the budget Mr. Nadeau is mentioning to take this asinine imbecility into court and destroy him, and hell yes: this IS all about the principal of the thing. This isn't just me saying “the big bad corporation is being big and bad.” It's me saying “This little guy is getting heavily, mightily screwed by the big bad corporation that's being bad.”

Remember Monster Cable sued every human on the freaking planet with “monster” in their name? That tapered off after a small internet revolt. This is just the latest, and it's just as foul: how in the blue blazing hell can anyone mistake that green, claw-ripped logo looking can of high fructose corn syrup, chemicals, and caffeine for a big brown bottle of beer? Anyone?

And how do you sue over the name "Monster?" I mean, all the beasts under my bed as a child, they didn't have lawyers, likely. I mean, really?

Me either.

So, last thing to do – go here:

And share your thoughts.

And then let's all give Matt an email for support.



  1. Lord where will it end? Is no one safe? My cat's name is Monster. Should I brace for the 3am knock at the door? Signed ~ Muffin McTardmo

  2. Muffy: fear not: Hansen Beverages, specifically Monster Energy Drinks does not seek solutions for name-stealing by animals, given outcomes and legal failures in pursuit of The Loch Ness Monster and Gila Monsters, all of whom hired outstanding legal representation and threatened to sic Joe Arpaio on Hansen.

    On the other hand, Monster Cable, equally s#!t headed about their dominion of the name, may come after you. I propose you rename kitteh "tiny."

  3. This is crap!!! Made me MAD, MAD, MAD. I went to Hansen's site and sent them a note telling them that they were a bad company and how disappointed I was, etc, etc. They haven't responded back to my message though. HUMPH!!!

  4. Interesting stuff. will check it out in depth and write. More importantly, will try to buy a rock art product.

    Off topic: I'm looking forward to anything Octoberfest related (?) suggestions for great beer always welcome!

  5. Rock Art WINS!! Hansen Finally responded to my email with this:

    Hansen Beverage Company and Rock Art Brewery
    Reach Trademark Agreement

    October 26, 2009
    Hansen Beverage Company and Rock Art Brewery today issued the following statement in connection with a recent trademark issue:

    Hansen Beverage Company and Rock Art Brewery have reached an amicable agreement under which both companies' respective products will be protected - Hansen's Monster Energy® line of energy drinks and Rock Art's Vermonster beer products.

    > Rodney Sacks, Hansen's chief executive officer, said: "We are pleased that we were able to resolve this matter expeditiously and put the concerns that had arisen behind us so that both parties can concentrate on their day-to-day businesses, selling their respective high-quality products. Our intent in this matter was simply to protect Hansen's trademarks and prevent any likelihood of confusion arising in the future through potential product extensions and was not to prevent Rock Art Brewery from selling their Vermonster beer."

    > Matt Nadeau, owner of Rock Art Brewery, said: "Once Rodney and I were able to talk to each other we quickly appreciated each other's points of view and he acted reasonably, which allowed us to rapidly come to an agreement we are both happy with and allows both of us to move forward positively."

    Rodney Sacks Matt Nadeau
    Hansen Beverage Company Rock Art Brewery
    (951) 739-6200 (802) 888-9400